About Us


A company born to enable Sustainable Transportation Technology for the world. Physics Motors is into Research, Design and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicle Drive Train Technology which includes BLDC Motors, PMS Motors, Axial Flux Motors, SRM Motors and Motor Controllers.

Discover innovation at its finest with our cutting-edge BLDC and PMSM Electric Vehicle Motors, proudly Designed and Manufactured in India for rugged Indian road conditions. These Motors are set to redefine performance standards for electric vehicles.

At the heart of this product lies best of the class Electromagnetic Stator and Rotor circuit design, meticulously engineered to deliver best-in-class acceleration and top-speed capabilities. Our Motor has patented sealing technology, this innovative sealing mechanism guarantees uncompromising protection against water and dust ingress, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your electric vehicle’s performance.

This is a perfect match for discerning Electric Vehicle manufacturers seeking a premium, indigenous Motor Drivetrain solution. It ensures that our customer electric vehicles always stand ahead of the competition. Elevate your electric vehicle’s potential with our BLDC and PMSM Motors.

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Our Vision

Build world-class Electric Vehicle Technology Company from India.

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Our Mission

Enable Sustainable Transportation for the World with Technology Products.

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Core Values

Company with Open work culture, Highly Innovative & Risk Taking, Ethical & Employee Centric, Customer focused & Profitable.

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R&D Motto

Think Big, Test Small, Fail Quick,
Learn Fast.


Years of

Think Big, Test Small, Fail Quick, Learn Fast.